Surrogacy is full of acronyms! I thought it would be fun to create a list. I will try to update it as they change or if I forget any. If you know of any that are missed, send me a message to add to the list!

IP: Intended Parents

The people or person who will be the parent of the baby.

GC: Gestational Carrier, interchangeable with Gestational Surrogate and just surrogate

The technical term for a surrogate who is not using her eggs to create the pregnancy. The person who carries the pregnancy.

TS: Traditional Surrogate

A surrogate who is using her eggs in combination with the sperm to create the pregnancy and then creates the pregnancy.

RE: Reproductive Endocrinologist

This is the fertility doctor who specializes in helping people achieve a pregnancy. This is the doctor that will walk you through the IVF process.


This is taking an at home pregnancy test.

Assisted Reproductive Technology/ART

A general term for any aspect of assisted reproduction such as embryo creation, surrogacy, egg donation, etc.

IVF/In-vitro Fertilization

The process of egg retrieval and sperm sample, then combining the egg and sperm to create an embryo, then transferring the embryo to the uterus.

BCP: Birth Control Pills

Used in surrogacy to control timing.

PIO: Progesterone in Oil

The hormone progesterone that’s injected through a syringe

FET: Frozen Embryo Transfer

A frozen embryo that’s thawed and then transferred to the uterus.

2WW: Two Week Wait

The time between an embryo transfer and a blood test to determine pregnancy.

Beta: HcG level Blood Test

The beta HcG level blood test determines pregnancy. A number that doubles is a good sign. People in the surrogacy community will often just call this beta. As in “what’s your beta?”

PBO: Pre-birth Order

Some states allow a pre-birth order which is establishes parentage before a baby is born.

These are just some of the more common acronyms used in surrogacy. Do you know any that should be added to the list? Send me a message below and I might add them.

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